Description: Folding hanger

Item No.: RYX-02-021A-1H
Outer carton: 4pcs
Material : Carbon Steel With Coats+PP
20'F/40'H: 298/720PCS
Opening size : 1570X610X1250mm
Folding size: 1290X610X120mm
Outer carton size: 1310X455X630mnn


Recently, Wuchuan Group Nantong Shunrong Heavy Industry signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Shanghai Zhende Ocean Engineering Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Ocean University Ocean Ecology and Environment College for the “Economic Fishery Project”. The "economic fishery" design cage has a diameter of 32 meters, a cage height of 12.5 meters, an effective culture area of about 10,000 cubic meters, a structural service life of 20 years, and an ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene mesh clothing with a service life of 10 years. “Economic fishery” has the functions of lifting, moving, single-point anchoring, deep sea and cage monitoring. Users can also choose to increase remote monitoring, water quality monitoring and automatic feeding according to their needs.